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Convert line to shape is not available



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    BW Forum Team

    Hi Mary, 

    The options of convert line to an edge or floating line are associated with an internal line that has not been connected into a continuous line/shape. This may occur when tracing a shape and the last point on the line does not join with the first point made.

    To make sure that points will join when using the pen tool to create a shape, be sure that as your pen tool is in edit points mode and hovering over the last point that a circle appears. Click with the circle showing to make sure points join. 

    You can also check to be sure points are joined after using the pen tool using the “join” option. The easiest way to do this with internal lines is to first turn off piece selection.

    Next, select one corner point to set your marque selection element type. Next use marque selection to select points that may be close together but not joined. With the point selected, choose “join” under the right side context view “actions” section. This will join the points together. In the below image, the points are very close together, and when the line is highlighted it appears continuous, but these points are not joined, preventing the convert to piece option.

    We hope this helps!

  • Mary Ruppert-Stroescu

    Thanks for your instructions. I could not do the join like you described because I couldn't select only those two points. The program highlighted the whole line. When the piece selection is deselected, and only edit points is selected nothing will select. 

    The tip that the piece was not all joined did help, though, and I found the missing spot. I simply drew a line between the two points and then was able to convert to piece. Thank you for that!

    Can you help me figure out why I couldn't do the join like you described? 

  • BW Forum Team

    When using marque selection, it is important to remember that the last element type selected (piece, line, or point) is the type that will be selected using a marque selection.

    As an example, if I want to select all my pieces to reduce the grid size, with my select tool, I click on one pattern piece, being sure the piece is selected. I can then click and drag to create a marque selection. The selection will pick up pieces.

    I can do the same with points. Being sure to first select one individual point, I can then use marque selection to grab multiple points. This approach can be very useful when joining points, as it is hard to individually select points that may appear to be connected but are instead very close to each other.

  • Mary Ruppert-Stroescu

    Hi, when I have the selection tool and have highlighted points and NOT piece, it is not possible to select anything. The screen doesn't react. When I have piece highlighted, I can select the pieces, but then all the points are selected. I recorded me doing this but don't see a way to upload a video. 


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