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Creating Holes in the Pattern



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Sridhar,

    Unfortunately there are no option to cut a shape out of a full pattern piece. Instead, I can suggest creating the look of a hole by shaping it into the pattern from the edge.

    Start by adding three close together corner points at the edge where you want to cut into the piece. Set all points to sharp or curved. Drag the center corner point into the pattern. Add additional points and handles to shape out the hole. Stitch the cut together so that only the hole is open. Turn off stitch construction on the cut edges.

    Hope this is helpful for you, 


  • sridhar gupta


    I saw this in tip earlier, but it is cumbersome to use this work flow.  May be this feature can be added in feature versions.



  • BW Forum Team

    HI Sridhar,

    If the hole is decorative, such as a laser cut design, we can use “hide background” on a seam, artwork, or edge assignable trim to achieve this look.

    In the below example, we have created a simple mid-grey square with a transparent center.

    We will import this as a seam or edge assignable trim and assign it to internal lines.
    Next, we will recolor the grey to be the same color as our garment and check the option for “hide background” and “use lower layer maps”.

    Hiding the avatar, we can see through the garment to the other side of the fabric.

    With a quick Vray preview, the impact is further enhanced. 

    Note: this application is not compatible with heathered or printed fabrics.
    Hope this helps!

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