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.u3ma files / fabrics for DL



  • Stephanie Ikiriko

    Also, not everything on Cotton Inc designated for Browzwear will open in the software. Which was going to be another post for me.


    Will follow this one in case anyone suggests any other resources. This site only has 6 free and they aren't super useful for me at this particular time. 


  • BW Forum Team

    When looking for a 3D material, we recommend first checking out the Browzwear Cloud library under the Vstitcher materials tab.

    If these materials do not fit your needs, you can use the Browzwear fabric testing service to digitize a physical material sample. If you would like more information about the fabric testing service, please reach out to so we can connect you to a sales representative in your area.

    Cotton Inc’s site currently offers some free to download materials in U3MA format. As noted, there appears to be a few fabrics that are not properly downloading. We are currently reviewing this issue.

    The site does offer some texture file U3M materials. Note, these do not include fabric physics and are only visual material scans. If imported, the physics associated with the image will be default fabric physics.

    Hope this information is helpful, 

  • Stephanie Ikiriko

    Thank you for this information Zisie! 

    Also noted about the site does not offer those as actual, specific, unique fabric physics. 


    Please let us know here when the Cotton Inc website's fabrics kinks have been ironed out. And hopefully they add a lot more soon. The BW library currently offers nothing like the Pleated Voile on the Cotton site, and I really can't wait to get my hands on those 2 fabrics! Really want anything with surface dimensionality surface texture to the fabric--not just flat face or smooth fabrics.



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