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Blender Cycles Rendering and Tutorials for Blender Cycles



  • BW Forum Team

    Hello Sridhar,

    Thank you for this message. The Render command field is used for custom scripts created for such processes as render farms. It is not required to fill in this field for rendering. I am submitting an update for the help site to make this distinction clearer.

    For a standard, clear Blender render, I recommend around 300 cycles at 200x2000 px and 300 dpi. Note, a Raytrace render will take much longer to render than a normal render. The higher the cycle number, the longer the render will take. The size of the render is also factor in the render time.

    Hope this information is helpful, 


  • Mitayani Mitayani

    Hi Browzwear...


    I have some issue with rendering with blender.

    i have put same steps. (using blender 2.90)

    I tried to render but nothing coming in.


    Do you have a video tutorial for it?


    Second, I tried to ray trace also, but why the picture cant be clear? many noise even if im waiting a hours to process.. n once i save, the size is pretty small.

    So i still cant figure out how to get perfect rendering.

    all my image result is away from real.. topstitch is not visible,etc.




  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Mitayani, 

    Currently the software is tested to work with Blender 2.83. For more information on rendering with Blender in this version, please reference the article here:

    For Vray rendering, are you using the preview window, or changing the render settings to use Vray? In the software preferences, we can choose between rendering with Blender or Vray.

    We recommend rending with CPU as the render engine.

    The Vray preview window is a live render where we cannot choose the render settings or the size. This window is best used to preview render lighting or fur.

    For a final render, open the render window. We can choose the render quality, the image and print size, and the DPI. This will allow us to set a specific result desired for a high-quality image.

    Hope this is helpful for you, 


  • Mitayani Mitayani

    Hi Browzwear,


    I did all the following steps. both between blender or vray.

    whenever i render, nothing coming in. even if i wait for long time.

    name of image file is visible on quick access, but when i click the image, i see nothing,..


    my setting:




    please advise what to do to fix this...


    Thank you,


  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Mitayani, 

    The time it takes to render with Raytrace rendering is highly dependent on the computer specs. Be sure to check your computer specs against the Browzwear system requirements here:

    When a render is started, a placeholder file is created. This is consistent with the Vray test image you shared.

    We can monitor the status of a Raytrace Render using the Browzwear Connect panel. Selecting the Browzwear Connect panel, we can toggle to the notification panel. This gives us the status of the render.

    To begin troubleshooting, I would recommend starting with a very small, low res render to test the render capabilities of the machine. While the render is running, check the notification panel to see the progress. Once the render is complete, you should receive a job done notification.

     On my computer, this small, low res render completed in just over a minute. While the quality is low, we can confirm there is a render capability. This will help gauge the time needed for a render on your machine.

    If the render time is not desired, the next option would be to check if the software is using the correct graphics card. You can find how to check that here:

    Last, we may find the computer is too low of spec for using Raytrace rendering. If that is the case, consider upgrading the computer specs. Note, if the machine matches our system requirements, but the renders are not completing, let us know and we will investigate in more detail to resolve the issue.

    Hope this information is useful, 




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