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Clone Edges by Offset - for Internal lines



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Sridhar,

    The clone edges by offset option is only available for pattern edges, not internal lines. If are looking to create an internal line based off of the pocket shape in your screenshot, I would recommend using clone edge by offset on the pocket, then copying the internal line, selecting the body piece where you would like it to be, then pasting it. This is one way we can create the same result.

    To create a point on an internal line a specific distance from a point on the line, I recommend using the guidelines in the 2D space as measurement locators to place the point with the pen tool.

    Currently, only the edges of pattern pieces can have corner points assigned.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
  • sridhar gupta


    Hi Zisie


    thanks for your reply, 

    I already tried these steps, It takes time and i could not get desired results and align them in proper place takes time .  I have to go back to pattern making software and make necessary changes there and bring back it again and simulate, this way it takes more time in draping.  Changing Style variations are taking more time and some times I have to re work the style in Pattern making software and re work again in V-stitcher from start. 

    After working some time in the software, I understood the limitations of 2D tools.

     If More tools or options are there then it will be easy to make more modifications on the pattern. 

    Hope more 2D tools and functions will be added in feature editions.

    Thanks and best wishes


  • Stephanie Ikiriko

    This is super helpful for me too! Thank you Sridhar and Zisie!

  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Sridhar,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are continuously working to improve our software. 2D tools are high on our list of future feature development.

    When updating patterns that were adjusted in an external 2D CAD system, I would recommend using the replace piece function. This function allows you to swap one pattern piece (from a DXF or in the same pattern) with another piece that is simulated in your garment. It will pass the stitches, arrangement, and materials assigned to the placed piece.

    To replace a piece with another piece in the file, select the dressed piece and the replacement piece from the 2D tab. Use the dropdown arrow > replace piece > between two selected.

    This will swap the materials, arrangement, and stitching from one piece to the other.

    To replace a piece with another piece in a DXF, select the dressed piece from the 2D tab. Use the dropdown arrow > replace piece > from DXF.

    When using this function, the pattern pieces must have the same number of corner points. If replacing from DXF, be sure the pattern also has the same name as the piece you are replacing. Currently replace piece only supports edge shape replacement, not internal lines. 

    For more info on replace piece, check out the support article here:


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