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Render Button--Technical error w/September Edition



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Stephanie, 

    When the software is opened, it prompts opening up that version of Browzwear connect.
    The Browzwear connect panel is not backward compatible. This means that when you opened the newer version (sept) before an older version, then attempted to render.

    To resolve this, you will need to exit Browzwear Connect. Check out this help site article:

    Hope this helps, 
  • Stephanie Ikiriko

    I ended up deleting Connect and then re-installing the Sept edition.

    I am now able to render, I just no longer have the Connect icon at the top of my toolbar that allowed me to view the status of my renders in progress.

    Is there a way to download BW Connect by itself so I can get that toolbar icon back?


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