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Patterns too big in Arrange mode


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  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Mikelle, 

    When importing the DXF, did you change anything from the default import units?

    If so, this may be what has increased your pattern size. When importing through the DXF import panel, the "units" value should only be changed if the preview of the pattern size appears incorrect.

    In the below example, I have imported a women's tee. In deciding if the import settings are correct, I check the various measurements the system gives. I can see in the upper left and bottom right corner the full workspace dimensions. I also get the measurements of patterns as a square. Looking at my neckband, the 0.5 inches seems right for the height and the 18 inches for the length. The HPS to the hem of the front body also seems correct.
    In the next example, I changed the import units to centimeters. What this does is multiply the numeric values from before by a conversion rate of 1 inch = 2.54 cm. This makes my patterns much larger.

    While there may be some cases where we will need to use the units conversion option while importing a DXF, generally the system is able to identify the proper settings.
    Note, if you have changed the setting to inches in the DXF import window but the garment after import is the incorrect size, on the next import you will need to change it back to cm.

    Good luck, 



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