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Zipper crossing over cut & sew



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Julie, 

    To visualize a zipper extending over a seam without cutting the pattern, I would recommend sewing an invisible pattern piece to the garment that has a zipper assigned to an internal line on it.

    Currently, we can’t assign a decorative zipper to a “cross” pen line, so a transparent pattern piece may be our best option.

    To begin, draw internal lines on the garment where the zipper pattern piece will stitch. Next, insert a pattern shape and add a fully transparent material to the shape. Arrange and stitch the zipper pattern piece to the internal line on the body. Add an internal line on the zipper pattern piece and assign a decorative zipper. To assign a decorative zipper, click once with the assign tool on the internal line, then click escape (ESC) on your keyboard. Below is an example of this on the shoulder of a hoodie.

    To shorten a smart zipper, be sure to have the “edit points” option on. In some cases, the zipper’s movement may be limited by the pattern edge length. Try shortening the zipper from the other side (bottom if you are adjusting from the top as an example). This may allow more movement.

    Hope this is helpful, 
  • Julie-Gil Bouffard

    Wow, Many thanks Zisie, this is very helpful. 




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