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Prepare Mode & Hem edge


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  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Susan, 

    If we want to create a true fold back hem in Vstitcher, our pattern pieces must be altered to include the correct seam allowance at the hem. The seam allowance at the hem will need to be a mirrored shape of the skirt for the edge length and the internal line where it is stitched to match. Below is an example. We can see that the hem of the shirt is flared out, the same width as 1 inch into the skirt from the fold line.

    The distortion you see in the prepare mode is likely due to the fold angle being incorrect. Please reference the below steps to resolve the issue.

    In 3D, we do not usually use the seam allowance. If we need the reinforcement of the additional layers of fabric, we can use force multiplier on the edge of the pattern, the depth of the hem, and the number of layers of the cross-section of the seam.

    If you would prefer to work with the seam allowance, here is how I would recommend creating a true fold back hem:


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