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How to use .RUL in Browzwear?



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Zoe, 

    When importing a DXF, if you have a RUL file, it is importing the grading with the DXF (automated).
    You can not open a RUL file separately, you can not add it to a DXF you have already imported.

    The RUL file is transferring the grading from one system to the other. A DXF without a RUL file includes only the base size. 
    So if you import a DXF in Vstitcher, if you have a RUL file it includes the grading. 
    If you don't have a RUL file you will get the base size only.
    Good luck, hope this is helpful, 
  • Zoe Wu

    Hi Zisie,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I have both DXF and RUL files, but I don't see any grading on the pattern.

    Do you know what kind of reasons can it be?

    Also, I can't find much information and tutorial videos besides the grading pages under the help center, hope Browzwear can add more information on this topic. Thank you!



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Zoe, 

    In most cases, you can double click to open the DXF from its location on your computer and it will automatically open in the computer's default text editor. From there, we can see what info is listed. If we see a blank file or no RULE information, then there is an issue with our grading. Another issue you may see is grading as all zeros. This is another example of grading not exporting properly.
    Proper grading should look like this with multiple RULE notations and different numbers. Here is a small section of a functional RUL table.
    If you find the grade table is not correct, be sure that when exporting, if you see the following options you are choosing "export as RUL table" rather than "export as nest". Additionally, if you see an option for "export graded", "all patterns in single DXF/RUL file" and "export curve point grade" check these options.
    I hope this information is helpful for you , 
    Best of luck, 

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