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beanie or hats added to human figure with hair?



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Astrid, 

    I just answered this same question to Stephanie in regards to a brides veil. 

    The hair disappearing is a result of the current behavior of transparency in the software. With fabric that is transparent on the face and back, the 3D window is not able to show some attributes and results in the hair disappearing.

    A second detail to note is that the hair automatically is removed from the avatar if a pattern piece is placed on the head. The hair on the avatar does not have a real impact on the fabric and will clip through material. To stop the visual effect of collision between the pattern piece and the hair, the hair is automatically removed.

    We can work around in a few steps. First, we can place the pattern piece in a different cluster (I recommend the shoulder cluster). Next, dress the piece in 3D. Once dressed, the hair will clip through the fabric in some locations. Using the 3D styling tools, select the “move” button and the pattern piece. Turn on the 3D gizmo and adjust the placement of the pattern piece to not show collision from that angle.

    Lock the pattern piece and finish the simulation. Note, the pattern will appear to float off of the head.

    Open the Vray preview window and render to see the hair shown through the pattern piece.

    Good luck, 


  • Maxyel Acevedo

    oh that's cool!

  • Uthpala

    this is great !


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