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Piping Detail



  • BW Forum Team

    There are two ways to create piping in Vstitcher. The first option is best for the edges of a garment.

    Begin by adding an image of the fabric to the edge assignable trims. Crop the image to be the visual width of the binding in an external software before importing, or crop the image using the image editor.

    Assign the trim to the edge of the fabric.
    Next, use the right side context view under thread properties, and increase the 3D thickness of your piping image between 0.02-0.05. This creates a rounded look at the edge of the pattern.
    For seams with piping added, we can use attachments. Select the edge of one side of the seam where you want the piping. Choose “clone edges by offset” on the right-side context view under “actions”. Type a value for spacing a negative distance into the piece the visual width of the piping.
    Choose insert > extract from the toolbar.

    Click between the edge of the pattern piece and the internal line to select the area you want to extract. Click again inside the area to confirm the extraction.

    With the new piece positioned on the pattern, select “attach”.
    The dress button will blink. Click to simulate for a few seconds, then click finish.
    If the piping material used for the pattern piece is not thick enough, open the physics dialog box for the fabric and increase the thickness.
    Hope this is helpful!
  • Rahul Verma

    Thank you


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