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Transfer Preset and Assets to a new computer


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  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Stephanie,

    You can share the assets from one computer to another in a few different ways.

    The first is in how you save your BW files. When saving a BW file, you can save as Garment Only, or you can save as Garment & Accessories. Saving as Garment + Avatars & Accessories saves the form information as well as any shoes used. If you then open the file on another computer that does not have that avatar or shoes, they will be copied from the file to that computer for use.

    This is the best way to share multiple shoes. Dress the shoes on an avatar, saving each shoe as a different snapshot. Save the file as a Garment + Avatars & Accessories file, then open the file on your second computer.

    If you have not saved your files this way or are starting a new file on a fresh install computer, you can export your avatars from one computer and import to another computer. In the 3D > avatars tab, select the avatars you would like to export. You can select multiple as well. Due to this, first select one avatar, then shift and select to add more avatars to your selection. You can also hold CNTRL/CMD to add just one avatar to your selection. To export, click export selected avatars button. This will prompt you to name the group of avatars. The file type is a .VSA, a Vstitcher Avatar file type. Share this file to your second computer.

    On the second computer, go to 3D tab > avatars and choose the + sign for import. Select the group of avatars you previously exported, the .VSA file. They will be imported to your computer for use.

    Hope this is helpful, 



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