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Puffy Jacket activity


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  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Sonziry, 

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The call-out in the video will be removed as the example files are not available.

    For selecting internal lines and applying shrink, I would recommend selecting an internal line before marque selecting. The marque selection tool will select the last element type you clicked. This means if you click on a line, then marque select you will only get lines. One more detail that may be impacting your selection is that the system is trying to select all lines. In this case, we only want internal lines. The best option is to turn off piece selection, then click once on an internal line, and marque selects all lines.

    If you do not want to turn off piece selection while selecting internal lines with the marque tool, don’t cross the corner points of an edge segment, and the edge will not be selected, only the internal lines. From the second example below, you can see the corner point at the centerfold does not register as a corner point in this application.

    Hope this information is helpful for you, 



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