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Pleats/Fold Line



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Raul, 

    The fold line property is intended to extend across the full distance of the pattern and will continue even if the fold line is not the full distance. If you would like to have the fold only extend along the line where it is applied, I recommend using an iron line.

    The iron line property replicates the creasing effect of a fold line but does not influence the prepare mode. When we open the advanced section of the fold properties, we can see a prepare angle that folds the pattern in the prepare mode 3D view. We also see the fold angle, the finished simulation crease for the fold. As a comparison, an iron line is like the fold angle.

    To use iron, we will need to set an angle. By default, it is 0 (no effect). We can set positive degree angles in September and older versions, and positive and negative degree angles in 2021.1 edition and newer.
    In your shared screenshot, this effect appears to be a pleat. If that is the case, note, you can turn off the “iron” effect on the pleat for a softer look. To do this, use the select tool with edit points on, to select the pleat in 2D. On the right side context view under draping properties, uncheck the iron option.
  • Rahul Verma

    Thanks! This was helpful.


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