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  • BW Forum Team

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for sharing these images. Yes, we can create a 3D look where the contrasting material is seen on part of the bow.

    To start, I do see from your images that the second piece with the lighter print may not be enabled. The use in 3D box is blue, but not checked. A check indicates the piece is in use. This may be part of the issue.

    Next, rather than dressing two patterns and stitching the bow, I would recommend to instead use double physics formula and use one pattern piece, or to attach the second layer to the first layer in the simulation. When tying a bow with two layers, the simulation can be tricky and may not be as smooth as desired.

    There are two ways to achieve this. The first is to take one fabric and make the face one print and the back another print.

    Then, open the physics dialog box and use the double physics formula to create a doubled fabric. This formula was created to accurately represent two layers of the same fabric. We can type in the text fields and use mathematical signs to multiply the values.
    Below is the formula:

    Once this is complete, we now have a fabric with a different print on the face and back that has the physical properties of two layers of fabric. We can then use this fabric to apply to one pattern piece and tie the bow.

    The second option would be to attach the second pattern piece to the first pattern piece. Overlap the two pieces in the 2D window. With them overlapped, select the top pattern and choose “attach” on the right side actions. Once attached, the piece will appear with a pink line around it.

    Note, if the wrong piece is overlapping before attaching, remember to use your right-click “order" options to show the correct piece on top. Once attached, it is recommended to “lock” an attachment in order to not accidentally move it.

    Good luck, 


  • Susan Gordon

    Thank you Zisie,  Always overlook the simple solutions.


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