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Save to U3M library



  • BW Forum Team

    Hi there, 

    Are you referring to the material 101 final activity video?
    In this activity, one must export the specific materials as U3M files. Are you seeing the folders of the video on the creator's computer and assuming this is where you must export the same files?
    However, this is not the case. You can export the files to any location on your computer that you would like.
    The folder in the video is just where the video's creator decided to save them.
    When saving your files, if the message says "no items match your search", this may happen when an empty folder has been chosen as the save location. This is perfectly accessible and the files can be saved there. Perhaps you may be confused since, in some programs, there are specific folders where files must be saved for later reference by the software. Although in our system, we can save anywhere on our computer and change the path as needed to wherever we saved something.
    I hope this is helpful information for you, 
    Best of luck, 
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    Yes, that is the video I am referring to. Thank you for the clarification! I am clear now!


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