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Lotta 2022.1.3

Lotta 2022.1.3

Release Notes

Lotta 2022.1

Build 52707

September 6, 2022

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Slow reaction time when applying some actions on dressed garments, such as replacing trims or colors

  • Artwork sometimes appearing noisy on rendered images when displacement is enabled

  • Alpha from diffuse image map not always applying on imported and cloned graphics

  • 3D window or rendering sometimes showing incorrect colors on parts of fabrics

File Versions

Lotta 2021.3.2 and VStitcher 2021.3.2 both support files created in earlier VStitcher and Lotta versions.

Earlier VStitcher and Lotta versions do not support version 2021.3.2 files.

Files generated in 2021.3.1 may be loaded in version 2021.2 but this is not advised. Features that were added in version 2021.3 such as Holes and Inner Slits would not load on earlier versions.

Version Support

With the release of Lotta 2021.3.2 and VStitcher 2021.3.2, the company's support now extends to the following versions of Lotta and VStitcher:

  • 2021.3

  • 2021.2

  • 2021.1

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