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Legacy Styles vs. Quality Standards Styles

There are two types of styles: Legacy styles and Quality Standards styles.

  • Legacy styles are the styles that are uploaded using “Share to Stylezone” dialog in VStitcher, and contain resources which are set manually in the dialog.

  • Quality Standards styles are styles that are uploaded using “Share with Quality Standards” dialog in VStitcher, and contain resources generated by a pre-configured set of presets.

  • Quality Standards styles have a presentation view accessible via the Present button at the top of the style view page

    Present button

    The following image shows styles in presentation view

    Present mode

  • Collaborate Styles have an auto-updating colorway summary image as cover, while legacy styles do not. When a colorway is moved or deleted, the cover image automatically updates.

    Fancy cover image

The following image shows the cover image automatically updated after applying changes to the order of the colorways

Updated fancy cover image

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