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VStitcher and Lotta 2021.1.2

VStitcher and Lotta 2021.1.2

Release Notes

VStitcher 2021.1.2 and Lotta 2021.1.2

Build 2021.1.2.51780

May 4, 2021

What's New

This release includes access to the new avatar Gabrielle, available in the Browzwear Cloud Library.

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Unable to adjust some measurements on Oliver avatar

  • Creating large sizes based on Oliver avatar not always working properly

  • Replacing pattern piece with left half of a graded piece may cause grade distortion

  • Copy and paste of pattern piece with grouped seam may create extra grouped seam

  • Particular garment file causing VStitcher to crash

  • Deleting a dart from a symmetrical pattern piece sometimes causing VStitcher to crash

  • Changing Material Blending mode of all fabrics in use sometimes causing VStitcher to crash

  • With some outfits, 3D styling tool not accessible in Animation workspace

  • Adding pull cord may duplicate zipper puller

  • glTF output with seam not displaying accurately

  • Number field box not opening on second click of pen tool

  • Resources imported from material library on network may not display in Resources tabs

  • Rendering turntable using animated GIF output on MAC not working properly

  • When running applications in a container, login may fail

  • API

    • Error in shrink on internal lines

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