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VStitcher and Lotta 2021.1.1

VStitcher and Lotta 2021.1.1

Release Notes

VStitcher 2021.1.1 and Lotta 2021.1.1

Build 2021.1.1.51682

March 18, 2021

What’s New

This release includes new assets and an enhanced glTF export feature.

  • The following assets have been added to the Asset Library:

    • Edicate Button Library

    • Edicate Zipper Library

    • IDEAL Earth Zipper Library

  • When exporting in glTF, the Original Textures (Tiled) option is now available.

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • When opening a BW file, some patterns may not appear in the 2D window

  • When merging pattern pieces of different sizes, some internal elements may not be displayed on the smaller piece

  • Imported avatar skeleton not always matching the avatar’s body size

  • Wider seam allowances may not be rectangular

  • Importing a JPG image and then printing to file in PNG or PDF may result in the image being in a lower resolution

  • It is not always possible to divide a pattern by slicing an internal line near an edge of the pattern, after the internal line has been extended or shrunk

  • Dot Stitching on a garment may not be transferred when the garment is copied from one file to another

  • VStitcher sometimes crashes when darts on symmetrical pattern pieces are deleted by using the Backspace key

  • A portion of a transparent trim on some pieces of a pattern piece may not display correctly

  • API:

    • The UsedMaterial ID command may not always return material IDs for artwork applied to the inside of a garment

    • The BwApi.AvatarIds function may not always return the IDs of Olivia and Oliver avatars

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