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Release Notes Lotta 2022.2 Pre-release

Release Notes Lotta 2022.2 Pre-release

Release Notes

Lotta 2022.2 Pre-release

Build 52779

September 22, 2022

The release notes include:

  • What's new in Lotta 2022.2.0, including links to instructions on using the new features

  • What's fixed in Lotta 2022.2.0

  • Instructions on upgrading and downloading new VStitcher versions

What's New in Lotta 2022.2 Pre-release

This release includes the following new and improved features:

Integrated Search Engine

The integrated search engine enables users to search articles and material inside the help center without exiting VStitcher.

For more information, refer to Main Toolbar Details

Olivia as Default Avatar

Replacing the current default avatar Deborah with Olivia. Olivia is now default avatar when users first open VStitcher, when there is no avatar, or when the avatar in the file has been deleted.

Control Fabric Position Between Sized

This feature enables users to adjust the fabric texture of garments accurately to each size and have better control over the appearance of garments in different sizes.

For more information, refer to Horizontal Contextual Menu

Pressure Map Animation

The pressure map displays pressure points frame by frame when an avatar or garment are in animation.

Print to File

Garments are now printed with the relevant information for pattern shape. Print to File enhancements also elevate the exporting workflow.

For more information, refer to Print to File

Export Quads

This feature provides the users with the option to export 3D garments with quads topology. Quads topology feature makes the process of defining and selecting areas easier for editing and simulating purposes.

For more information, refer to Editing 3D Object Export Settings

Weld Stitches on Export

This feature allows users to weld garment geometries in stitches from edge to edge into a unified object. When the garment is exported and edited on third party soft wares it will stay intact and not break into different garment pieces, which saves time and effort when simulating a garment using different soft wares. (This feature is available for garments only, does not include avatar or accessories which would be exported as separate objects).

For more information, refer to Editing 3D Object Export Settings

Export Pack UV

This feature provides the ability to use the 2D window grid space economically to achieve higher resolution when a 3D garment or object is exported and imported. The pieces are considered to exist in the 2D window inside bounding boxes, considering the space each bounding box occupies. The pieces are then packed together in a way that uses as less grid space as possible.

For more information, refer to Editing 3D Object Export Settings

Share Quality Standards

This version includes enhancements and new abilities added to the share quality standards to Stylezone feature.

For more information, refer to Sharing Quality Standards Styles

Quality Standards Configuration

This feature allows users to configure quality standards as they desire before sharing.

For more information, refer to Visual Quality Standards Configuration

What's Fixed in Lotta 2022.2 Pre-release

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Rendering and exporting some files results in software crash and unexpected results

  • The convert internal line to edge function not working, instead internal line is greyed out

  • Transparency texture tones sometimes appearing blue instead of red

  • DXF files sometimes importing without grading or with distorted grading

  • Snapshots that include a dot in the file name are not read probably by the system and appear empty

  • Unexpected behaviors or sometimes Software crashing when editing annotations

  • Mouse functions not working as expected on inactive windows when using the 3D review workspace

  • Unable to select points on a shape after changing the base size

  • Patterns importing with incorrect measurements

  • When printing to file with PDF output, fabric material extends over allowance only on pattern pieces without cutmark

  • Trims and multi stitches appearing inaccurately when loading a snapshot in the 3D window

  • Different opacity masks on vector artwork not recognized in VStitcher

  • Use in 3D lock and unlock function not always working on garment pieces

  • Toggle internal lines to flat seam type in stitch construction resulting in random lines on the pieces

  • Metadata sometimes lost when updating group material via API

  • The default resolution for imported substance material to VStitcher (SBSAR) is upgraded from 22.2 to 2048 pixels

Download and Upgrade Versions Instructions

Upgrading to Lotta 2022.2

  • Download and install Lotta 2022.2 from here.

  • Cloud License Users - send your upgrade request to There is no need to send any files.
  • Dongle License Users - you must update your license dongle. Send your C2V to For further information, refer to Retrieving a C2V File and Applying a V2C File.

  • If you need to renew your contract and are interested in version 2022.2 contact

File Versions

Lotta 2022.2 and VStitcher 2022.2 both support files created in earlier VStitcher and Lotta versions.

Earlier VStitcher and Lotta versions do not support version 2022.2 files.

Version Support

With the release of Lotta 2022.2 and VStitcher 2022.2 the company's support now extends to the following versions of Lotta and VStitcher:

  • 2022.1

  • 2021.3

  • 2021.2

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