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Release notes 2021.2.1

VStitcher and Lotta 2021.2.1

Release Notes

VStitcher 2021.2.1 and Lotta 2021.2.1

Build 2021.2.1.52076

October 12, 2021

What's Fixed

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Importing a single DXF pattern piece smaller than 8 x 8 inches produces a pattern piece of 10 x 10 inches

  • Export of file in DXF may export 3D trims as pattern pieces

  • Normal render output of a turntable, using a default parametric avatar with textures other than regular, may display incorrectly

  • Slide does not constrain angle on pattern piece

  • Trims that are stitched to a pattern piece instead of being directly applied may cause the software to crash

  • Sliding a pattern piece with inner symmetry and line perpendicular to symmetry causes piece to not display in 3D window

  • Folded pieces that are graded sometimes become deformed in prepare mode

  • Physics dialog box loading and updating slowly when not running as Administrator

  • Using the tension or pressure map alongside multi-avatar display may cause software to crash

  • After exporting in glTF, rendered output or material without a metalness map may lose roughness value

  • Pressure map not displaying after folding certain pattern pieces

  • In some instances, Browzwear libraries not available

  • Changing to extra-large sizes then running simulation may cause software to crash

  • In particular garment, graded internal line with stitching not displaying correctly in other sizes

  • Show in 3D not working properly on original DXF internal lines

  • Free Brush tool disabled

  • Hiding both sides of a trim material may cause Mac version of software to crash

  • Skeleton of Oliver avatar may display outside the avatar in edit pose

  • Skeleton of imported FBX avatar may display outside the avatar when editing pose

  • In particular instance, render of multipack garment not functioning properly

  • Selecting more than one collar, then selecting Use in 3D, then simulating may cause software to crash

  • Unable to animate from snapshot

  • Fur settings used when exporting U3M changed when importing file

  • Unable to slice a sleeve placket pattern

  • Export of a 3D object with line connectors, in U3M format, may cause software to crash

  • In particular file, replace pieces feature not working with piece having same number of edges

  • Stitch construction on an internal line not displaying after reopening the file

  • In specific file, normal render fails, displaying error message, and other renders freeze window

  • Fold line distorted for non base sizes

  • Stylezone

    • Thumbnail image is blurred

  • FAB

    • In some instances, calibration not always performing accurately

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