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Stylezone 4.15

Stylezone 4.15

Release Notes

February 5, 2023

What's New

In addition to fixes for various bugs and minor user interface tweaks, this release includes some exciting new features:

  • Versioning:

    The versioning feature allows maintaining a style’s history when sharing content from VStitcher to Stylezone. In Stylezone, you can view previous versions, restore a version, view and edit comments and annotations in previous versions, name versions, and add new versions. For a detailed description on using this feature, see Basic Versioning

  • The Comments feature includes the following new tools:

    • Pen tool – A vector path tool for adding annotations.

    • Show all comments – An option to simultaneously display all comments for the current view.

    • Create and drag comment – Allows adding a comment box in a single click and drag motion.

      For additional information on these features, see Comments.

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