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Release Notes VStitcher 2022.2.4


Release Notes VStitcher 2022.2.4

Release Notes

VStitcher 2022.2.4

Build 2022.2.4.53250

March 30, 2023

The release notes include:

  • What's fixed in VStitcher 2022.2.4

  • Instructions on upgrading and downloading new VStitcher versions

What's Fixed in VStitcher 2022.2.4

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • When working in Open GL on Mac computers, annotation markers were not showing in the VStitcher Annotation workspace.

  • In the Tech Pack 2D layout, fabric number markers did not appear at the top of the pattern piece or were placed incorrectly, when generating the Tech Pack as an Excel file.

  • Fixed the following bugs related to Tech Pack generation:

    • Duplication of materials when generating the Tech Pack BOM.

    • Lengthy Tech Pack generation time.

    • VStitcher software crashes while generating the Tech Pack.

    • Exporting complex Tech Packs, with 2D pattern shapes enabled, caused Mac computers to crash.

    • Fabric information from the 2D layouts page was missing when exporting Tech Packs for BW files with default settings.

Download and Upgrade Versions Instructions

Upgrading to VStitcher 2022.2

  • Download and install VStitcher 2022.2 from here.

  • Cloud License Users - send your upgrade request to There is no need to send any files.
  • Dongle License Users - you must update your license dongle. Send your C2V to For further information, refer to Retrieving a C2V File and Applying a V2C File.

  • If you need to renew your contract and are interested in version 2022.2 contact

File Versions

Lotta 2022.2 and VStitcher 2022.2 both support files created in earlier VStitcher and Lotta versions.

Earlier VStitcher and Lotta versions do not support version 2022.2 files.

Version Support

With the release of Lotta 2022.2 and VStitcher 2022.2 the company's support now extends to the following versions of Lotta and VStitcher:

  • 2022.1

  • 2021.3

  • 2021.2

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