Release Notes VStitcher 2023.2 Pre-release

Release Notes VStitcher 2023.2 Pre-release

Release Notes

Build 53451- Pre-release of 2023.2

August 1, 2023

The release notes include:

  • What's new and improved in VStitcher 2023.2

  • What's fixed in VStitcher 2023.2

  • Instructions on upgrading and downloading new VStitcher versions

What's New and Improved in VStitcher 2023.2

This release includes the following new and improved features:

  • Unreal 5 Integration​​

The integration of Unreal 5 provides faster rendering, better material appearance, an improved and smoother hover effect, and faster response times. In addition to the Home workspace, Unreal 5 is integrated into the 3D Review Workspace.

For more information, refer to Ray Trace Rendering.

  • Apple Silicon Native Support​​

This release includes full compatibility with Apple’s M1 and M2 processors, enabling faster simulations. For further information, see the System Requirements.

  • Parametric Lights

Included the ability to define custom Parametric Lights, to improve the overall look of the render output. You can add area, spot, directional, or point lights. Using Parametric Lights reduces dependency on HDRI, which requires more computing power for Unreal. 

For more information, refer to Parametric Lights.

  • 3D Trim Improvement​​

Added the “Collide with garment” checkbox that allows controlling the collision between a 3D trim and a garment piece. By default, this option is enabled, and 3D trims will be secured to (collide with) the garment piece. Clearing the checkbox allows you to disconnect the collision between the 3D trim and the garment. You can then fine-tune the piece settings to achieve a more precise and realistic appearance of garments.

For more information, refer to How to Import a 3D Trim Object.

  • Insert Tool Improvement

    Added the ability to insert ellipses and circles from the center point, and the ability to snap circles or ellipses together from the center point. For more information, refer to Creating Garment Pieces.

  • Stitch Construction Improvement

Improvements to the stitch construction include new sliders for better control over the depth of the normal and displacement maps, and width of the stitches. This release also includes improvements to the puckering and wash effects. For more information, refer to Creating a 3D Stitch Effect.

  • ​​​Full Support of Adobe Substance​​

Full support of all Adobe Substance format capabilities, including:

    • Support of Substance for fabrics, seams, artwork and trims
    • Full compatibility with the 13K materials in the Substance 3D Asset Store
    • Support of the Substance materials exported from the Substance 3D Sampler
    • Support of SBSAR files with non-square output sizes
    • ​Support of the Substance 3D Sampler embroidery filter in VStitcher
  • ​​View Selected Grading Sizes​​

Includes the ability to hide or show selected grading sizes in the sizes pane while grading. For more information, refer to Viewing the Sizes and Grading Pane.

  • ​​​Arrangement per Sizes​​

Includes the ability to arrange each size individually or have the arrangement automatically linked between all sizes. For more information, refer to How to Arrange Pieces.

  • ​​Control Artwork Position per Size​​

Enable manual positioning of artworks for each size while maintaining the artwork size group. 
For more information, refer to Defining a Grouping of Sizes.

  • ​​Remove Avatar Hair ​​

It is now possible to completely remove the avatar hair with a click of a button from the Edit Avatar options.

For more information, refer to Editing New Parametric Avatars.

  • ​​Prevent Unintended Piece to Cluster Allocation​​

This feature provides more intentional and accurate allocation of pieces to clusters in the Arrange and Prepare modes in the 3D window arrange.

For more information, refer to Arranging Clusters in 3D.

  • ​​​New Parametric Avatars​​

Added new parametric avatars for children: a boy toddler (2–4 years old), and a 5–10-year-old boy and girl.

For a list of all the parametric avatars, see the Parametric Avatars Overview.

  • ​​​New Kids Garments​​

Added new garments to the Kids section in the cloud, including dresses, skirts, and shorts. To use the new garments, make sure you first download the Charlie avatar. 

For details on how to access the new garments, refer to Import from Cloud.

  • ​​​Soft Avatars Simulation​​

New features include a simulation progress bar, and an automatic simulation stop when simulation is finished.

For more information, refer to Soft Avatars Overview.

  • ​​​Softness Map​​

The softness map shows the softness level of different soft avatar body parts separately.
For more information, refer to Soft Avatars Overview.

  • Vertical Resources Tabs
    Some user interface changes have been applied to the resources tabs and are now displayed vertically. For more information, refer to Resources Tabs Details.

What's Fixed in VStitcher 2023.2

This release includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Software sometimes crashing when changing between workspaces
  • Unexpected behaviors of 3D trim direction when assigning trims
  • Software sometimes crashing when V-Ray preview is open
  • Fabric results not always matching in the 2D and 3D windows
  • Unexpected shadows and holes in simulation and rendering results 
  • Some Chinese characters appearing distorted when importing DXF files with Chinese characters
  • Keyboard shortcuts can't be imported into the software

Download and Upgrade Versions Instructions

VStitcher 2023.2 is a pre-release version available to select users only. For more information on this release, please contact your customer support representative.

  • Download and install VStitcher from here.

  • Cloud License Users - send your upgrade request to There is no need to send any files.
  • Dongle License Users - you must update your license dongle. Send your C2V to For further information, refer to Retrieving a C2V File and Applying a V2C File.

  • If you need to renew your contract and are interested in version 2023.2 contact

File Versions

Lotta 2023.2 and VStitcher 2023.2 both support files created in earlier VStitcher and Lotta versions.

Earlier VStitcher and Lotta versions do not support version 2023.2 files.

Version Support

With the release of Lotta 2023.2 and VStitcher 2023.2 the company's support now extends to the following versions of Lotta and VStitcher:

  • 2023.1

  • 2022.2

  • 2022.1

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