Stylezone - September 3, 2023

Stylezone - September 3, 2023

Stylezone 4.24

What's New

In addition to fixes for various bugs and minor user interface tweaks, this release includes the following new features:

  • The ​Download current view​ option allows you to export the current view to a PDF file. The export includes the currently viewed image, the specific view from the 3D Viewer, or the turntable view. The current view can be downloaded with or without annotations. For further information, see ​View and Filter Comments in the Feed or in a Board.
  • Clone styles from one collection to another by selecting a specific or multiple styles.
  • Notifications in Stylezone will be saved for six weeks and will then be deleted.
  • ​This release provides ​​reviewers ​​with access to various tools that enable improved collaboration on styles, without the ability to change the actual style. The following actions are now possible:
    • ​​​Add styles to a collection:​ Allows reviewers to add a style to their collections if they are defined as contributors/moderators on that collection. For further information, see Creating, Viewing, and Cloning a Collection.
    • Provide external users with access the ​Collection ​​page: External users can be added as reviewers or contributors. For further information, see ​Roles, Permissions, and Types​​.
  • The ​​Annotation ​​tools include the following minor enhancements:
    • When using the ​Pen ​​or ​Pencil ​​tool, the cursor changes to the icon of the selected tool. When adding a text box, it is possible to start adding text immediately, without the need to click inside the text box. For further information, see ​Use Visual Annotations​​.
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