Stylezone - June 23, 2024

Stylezone - June 23, 2024

Stylezone 5.6

What's New

This release includes the following new features:

  • GUI Improvements:​​ We're excited to announce several enhancements designed to elevate your Stylezone experience:
    • ​​Full Screen Mode Enhancements: ​​You can now toggle to full screen mode using ​Shift + F ​​. When in full screen mode, hover near the top or bottom of the screen to reveal a toolbar with all available Stylezone functionalities, such as ColorUp, Version History, and Comments.
    • ColorUp Feature in Full Screen Mode:​​ Added the ability to use the ColorUp feature directly in full screen mode.
    • ​​Improved 3D Viewer Navigation: ​​Refined panning navigation in the 3D Viewer for smoother and more intuitive control. For further details, see Stylezone 3D Viewer.
    • ​​Enhanced Feed and Group View: ​​Enlarged style cards and text fonts in the Feed and Group View for enhanced usability. Annotations now feature color-coded markers to distinguish between new and existing annotations, improving clarity and organization.
  • ​​Tags Management:​ This release introduces the use of tags. Tags enhance functionality and improve the user experience by providing a flexible and intuitive way to organize and interact with styles. For a detailed description of how to use tags in Stylezone, see ​Managing Tags​​.

  • Enhanced Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities: ​​Included additional features to streamline user activation and login experiences.
    • Intuitive Activation Flow: ​​The updated flow ensures a straightforward setup, minimizing complexity and ensuring a quick start.
    • Faster Login Flow: ​​Returning users will experience significantly faster login times, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity within Stylezone.
    • On-Demand Self Onboarding for Local Users: ​​Local users now have the flexibility to trigger the self-onboarding flow at any time. This eliminates the need to wait for onboarding popups, empowering users to manage their account setup conveniently.


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