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Editing a User

Admin users can edit a user's details, other than the email address, and can reset a user's password.

If a user's email address needs updating, contact Browzwear support:

To edit a user:

  1. At the top right of the page, click your username. A menu is displayed.

    Settings menu

  2. Click Add/Edit Users. A form is displayed.

    New user

  3. Click Edit User.

  4. At User, click the drop-down and select the user whose details you want to edit. The users details are displayed in the form.

    Edit user

  5. Edit the form as required. Note the following:

    • Department and Position are optional, but do display in the user profile.

    • User Image is optional. The user can add a picture after the account is created.

    • For Type, click the drop-down and select the user role. For more information, refer to User Roles.

    • For Status, by default Active is selected. Only an active user can log in to Stylezone.

  6. Click Update. The user details are updated.

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