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How to Arrange Pieces

Before you can simulate a garment, you must arrange the layout of the pieces on the avatar. This is how you tell VStitcher where the various pieces belong.

This is sometimes referred to as arrange mode.

Syncing Arrange Mode

When creating a garment, before using arrange mode and starting to put the pieces into clusters, you may prefer the pieces to be laid out similarly to how they are in the 2D window. With this feature, you can sync the arrange mode display so that it shows the pattern pieces in the same general layout as in the 2D window.

To sync the arrange mode display:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Arrange.

    Click Arrange

    The Arrange window is displayed.

    Arrange window

  2. On the Main menu, click View.

  3. Click Sync Layout. The available options are displayed.

    Sync arrange mode

  4. Click By 2D window. The pattern pieces are displayed in arrange mode to conform with the same general layout in the 2D window.

Arranging Pattern Pieces

Arranging the pieces includes:

Video available For an introduction, check out the video: Arranging Pattern Pieces

Exiting Arrange Mode

To exit arrange mode, on the Main toolbar, click Select.

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