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Adding a Seam to a File

You can add to the seams available for use in your garment.

To add a seam to a file:

  1. If the Materials tab is not already open, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.


  2. If not already open, click the Garment tab.

    Garment tab is open

  3. Go to the Seams section.

    Seams section

  4. In the Seams section, click Click the menu. A menu is displayed.

    2020 January Edition and newer

    Available seams

    2019 August Edition and older

    Menu is displayed

  5. If using 2020 January Edition and newer, you can click one of the out-of-the-box seams displayed in the menu. The seam is added to to the Seams section. No further action required.

    Alternatively, click Add Seam. A file explorer window is displayed.

  6. Navigate to the location of the file from where you want to add the seam.

    You can add a seam from an existing garment, by selecting the relevant BW or VSGX file. You can alternatively add a seam by selecting a texture image - such as a PNG or JPEG file - and thereafter edit the seam properties as required.
  7. Select the file, and click Open.

  8. If you selected a BW or VSGX file, a dialog box is displayed with the available materials.

    1. Select the seam.

    2. Click OK. The seam is added to the Seams section.

  9. If you selected an image file, the seam is added to the Seams section.

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