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Using Covers

A cover is an invisible layer that covers a particular part of the avatar body. The purpose of the cover is to prevent the simulated garment extending into the covered area.

The available covers are:

  • Crotch

  • Hand

  • Head

The following image shows the effect on a swimwear garment of the crotch cover enabled (left side) and disabled (right side).

Crotch cover example

Covers are automatically enabled by default.

To enable or disable a cover:

  1. On the Main menu, click Garment.

  2. Lotta 2019 August Edition and newer:

    Click to select or clear the selection of Head Cover, Crotch Cover, or Hand Cover, as required.

    For example, in the following image, Head and Crotch covers are enabled, and Hand Cover is disabled. To disable Crotch Cover, click it to clear the selection.

    Enabling and disabling covers

  3. Lotta 2019 April Edition and older

    Click Remove Hand Cover, Remove Crotch Cover, or Remove Head Cover, as required.

    For example, in the following image, Hand and Crotch covers are disabled, and Head Cover is enabled.

    Enabling and disabling covers



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