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Using the Analytics Page

The Analytics page, available only for moderators, displays details of your organization's license usage. The page includes various filters and the ability to download the information as a CSV file. It was introduced in August 2020 and the supporting data is from that date onwards.

Analytics page

The key information displayed includes:

  • Maximum Possible Users: number of users assigned to the selected contract.

  • Active Seats: maximum number of seats (licenses) in use at one time under the selected contract.

  • Access Denials: number of users, if any, denied access due to insufficient available seats.

The time period displayed on the x-axis depends on the time period selected. For more information, refer to Selecting the Time Period.

Filtering Analytics

You can filter the analytics by selecting the contract and selecting the time period covered.

  • Selecting the Contract

    To select the contract:

    1. Near the top left of the analytics page, click Click the drop-down.

      Click the drop-down

      The available contracts are displayed.

    2. Click the contract whose analytics you want to view.

      The contract expiry date is displayed with the selected contract.
  • Selecting the Time Period

    To select the time:

    1. Near the top right of the analytics page, click the date. A calendar view is displayed with a menu of available time periods.

      The following image shows the calendar view being displayed.

      Calendar view with menu

    2. Click the time period for which you want to view analytics.

    3. Click away from the calendar to view the analytics.

Downloading Analytics

You can download the analytics information as a CSV file.

To download the analytics:

  1. At the top right of the page, click Download CSV. A menu is displayed.

    Download CSV menu

    By default, the downloaded data includes:

    • Maximum number of concurrent users

    • Denials - number of users denied access to the software because all seats were taken at the time of requesting access

    • Maximum number of seats

    • Possible seat users - number of users in groups to which the contract is assigned

  2. Select Include User Data to include information about users and their sessions.

  3. Select Include User Denials to include information about the users denied access to the software because all seats were taken at the time of requesting access.

  4. Click the time period. The file is downloaded to your computer.

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