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Color Library and Picker Interface Reference

When you click on a color thumbnail of a material in VStitcher or Lotta, the Color dialog box is displayed.

Color dialog box - library



Personal palette, giving you quick access to commonly used colors.

  • Click Add to display a pop-up thumbnail of the selected color. Drag it to a space on the palette.

  • Alternatively, drag a color from the available colors to the personal palette.

When you select a color, you can click any of the colors displayed in the personal palette.


Selector for Library or Picker. By default, Library is displayed. Click Picker to view the color picker. For more information, refer to Color Dialog Box - Picker Selected.


The selected color library.

Click Drop-down to display the following menu:

Color library menu

  • All Libraries - select all libraries

  • Default Color Library - select default library

  • Open System Dialog - click to display an advanced color dialog box.

  • Add Color Library - click to display a file explorer window.

    • Navigate to the location of the color library you want to add, and select it.

    • Click Open. The color library is added to those available for selection.


Available colors.


Ready palette with standard colors available to select:

Four colors

  • Top left - no color. Removes existing color. Not enabled for fabrics.

  • Top right - white (#FFFFFF).

  • Bottom left - gray (#7F7F7F).

  • Bottom right - black (#000000).



  • Click to select list List view or grid Grid view view.

  • Click Search to search for a color by name.

Color Dialog Box - Picker Selected

Color dialog box - picker



Selected hue. Drag to select a shade of the hue.


RGBhex color value.


HSB (top) and RGB (bottom) color value.


Selected new and current color.


Eye dropper color picker. Drag to the color on your screen which you want to select.


Drag the slider on the color bar to change the hue.


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