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Creating Custom Substance Presets

If you want to create presets in Substance applications, follow these recommendations and notes to ensure the compatibility of your own custom Substance presets with Lotta and VStitcher. A reference in this list to VStitcher is also a reference to Lotta.

  • Use Opacity Output as an alpha channel. VStitcher applies this alpha map to all outputs.

  • Graph

    • Must start with an Input Node

    • Description should contain:

      • BW_Scale=2%

      • BW_NORMAL_BLEND=Replace or BW_NORMAL_BLEND=Combine

    • Set the Output Size of all Atomic Nodes on the Graph, to Relative to Parent.

  • Height output supports 16 bit.

  • Specular/Glossiness Workflow should contain the following outputs:

    • Specular - Note: In VStitcher, a specular value greater than 1.0 makes the Specular Output brighter.

    • Roughness

  • Metallic/Roughness Workflow should contain the following outputs:

    • Metallic

    • Roughness

  • Widgets

    VStitcher supports the following widgets:

    • Color swatch (RGBA)

    • Drop menu

    • Checkboxes

    • Labels

    • Sliders

  • VStitcher treats gray pixels (128,128,128) on a displacement map as having a Depth value of 0.

  • Outputs with a resolution higher than 1K are automatically reduced to 1K in VStitcher unless using version 2020.2.1 or newer with GPU, in which case resolution of up to 4K is supported.

  • Before exporting, when creating a preset for VStitcher, it's important to mark Output Size on the Publish .sbsar File… window.

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