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Adding Shoes to the Closet

You can easily add shoes to the closet.

To add shoes:

  1. On the Resources tabs, click 3D.

  2. On the 3D tab, click Closet.

    Click Closet

  3. If Shoes are not already displayed in Type, click Click the drop-down, and on the drop-down list that is displayed, click Shoes.

  4. Click Menu is displayed.

    Click to display the menu

    A menu is displayed.


  5. Click Add Shoes. A file explorer window is displayed.

  6. Navigate to the location of the shoe file, and select it.

    Shoes are 3D objects. For best results, follow these recommendations and guidelines:

    • Use FBX file format.

    • The file should only contain one shoe, and not a pair.

    • Maximum 20,000 polygons.

    • Maximum 4K texture size.

    • File can have multiple objects.

    • File can have multiple textures.

    • If using Maya or 3D Max, select the Embed Media option.

    • If you want the shoe to participate in simulation and you don't want the pants (trousers) to be simulated inside the shoe - for example, with boots - create a transparent low resolution object that wraps around the shoe and assign a 100% transparent material to that object.

    For more information, refer to Importing 3D Objects - Overview.

  7. Click Open. The shoes are added to the closet.

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  • how can i change the shoes colour


  • Currently, changing the color of shoes in VStitcher is not supported.

    What you can do is create your own version of the shoes, colored as you wish, in 3D software, and then add them as new shoes as set out in this article.

  • Will you please tell me how can I create a mood board


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