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Plisse effects can be created using 2 methods.

  1. Plisse effects using iron lines. This is more suitable for larger and more regular plisse creases.
      • Add internal lines for the creases.
      • Apply iron line property on the internal lines. Experiment with values between 0-180 degrees to achieve the results you want.
      • Lower the Grid size to better simulate the creases as lower Grid = more details
      • Adjust drape using styling tools


  1. Plisse effects using depth maps like normal and displacement maps. This is more suitable for smaller or more irregular plisse creases.
      • Create a normal & displacement map in external photo-editing software like Photoshop
      • A displacement map should be a striped image with different shades of grey to create different heights for the creases.
      • Displacement map effect can only be seen with ray trace rendering
      • Use the image editor to adjust the size of the plisse and use the Vray preview window to gauge the size and depth values for the map.


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