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Cloning Internal Elements by Offset

Cloning Internal Elements by Offset

Cloning internal elements allows you to quickly and accurately reproduce these elements. For example, after adding one button to a garment, you can use this feature to easily add the others.

You can clone the following internal elements:

  • Internal line

  • Internal point

  • Artwork

  • Trim

To clone an internal item by offset:

  1. In the 2D window, select the item.

  2. In the Context view, in the Actions section, click Clone by Offset. The clone by offset dialog box is displayed.

    Clone by offset dialog box

  3. Select:

    • Border to set the offset measured from the item’s border

    • Center to set the offset measured from the item’s center

  4. Type the values you want for:

    • X to set the horizontal distance from the item

    • Y to set the vertical distance from the item

    • Copies to set the number of copies you want

  5. Click Apply. The items cloned by offset are displayed in the 2D window.

For more information, refer to Clone by Offset Use Cases.

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