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Designing Avatar Poses

Designing Avatar Poses

You can design an avatar pose using an existing parametric or scanned imported avatar.

  • Designing or editing poses for Alvanon avatars is not supported.

  • Designing or editing poses for avatars without skeletons is not supported.

  • Poses which are not user generated cannot be edited or deleted. They can be renamed.

Designing a Pose

To design a pose:

  1. Load the avatar for which you want to design a pose into the 3D window:

    1. On the Resources tabs, click 3D.

    2. If not already open, click the Avatars tab. The available avatars are displayed.

    3. Double-click the avatar you want. The avatar is displayed in the 3D window.

  2. On the 3D window toolbar, click the current pose. The Poses pop-up pane is displayed.

    Poses pop-up pane

  3. On the Poses pop-up pane, click the pose you want to use as your starting point. The avatar in the 3D window uses the clicked pose.

  4. On the Poses pop-up pane, click Add Pose. The avatar is displayed in the form of a skeleton with bones and selectable joints.

    Skeleton with bonese and selectable joints

    In addition, the Edit Pose pane is displayed in the Context view.

    Edit pose pane

  5. Edit the pose as required:

    1. Click a joint to select it. The joint is highlighted in green, a gizmo is displayed on the joint, and details are displayed in the Edit Pose pane.

      The following image shows what happens when a joint is selected.

      Selecting a joint

    2. Hover over a bone to highlight the bone and the parent joint - the joint to select if you want to move bone. Clicking the bone selects the parent joint.

      The following image shows an example of hovering over a bone and selecting a joint.

      Bones and joints

    3. Use the gizmo to move the selected joint. Alternatively, you may type in the appropriate X, Y, and Z numbers in the Rotate section of the Edit Pose pane.

      The following image shows the gizmo in action moving a joint.

      Moving a joint

    4. To clear your selection of a joint, press Escape.

    For information about making a symmetrical pose, refer to Symmetrical Poses.
  6. Once you have completed your edits of the pose, go to the Edit Pose pane (in the Context view) and type a name for the pose.

  7. Click Save. The pose is added to available poses for the avatar.

You can also add a pose by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Main menu.
  2. Click 3D Environment, then Avatar, Final Poses, and Add Pose.


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