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Colorways in Lotta

Colorways in Lotta

Viewing the Colorways Workspace

Now you access the various colorways features using the Colorways workspace.

To view the Colorways workspace:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click the workspace selector (on the far left side of the toolbar). It may display Home or the name of another workspace that you are currently using.

    Click the workspace selectorHome workspace

    Click the workspace selectorAnimation workspace

    Click the workspace selectorColorways workspace

    Click the workspace selectorFold & Hang workspace

    A menu is displayed.

    A menu is displayed

  2. Click Colorways. The Colorways workspace is displayed.

    Colorways workspace

The Colorways workspace consists of the following:

The Colorways dialog box is also available. For more information, refer to Colorways Dialog Box.

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