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The closet:

  • Stores garments that were simulated on your computer

  • Gives you easy access to garments you have previously worked on

  • Gives you the option to put garments in custom categories

Viewing the Closet

To view the closet:

  1. On the Resources tabs, click 3D.

  2. On the 3D tab, click Closet.


    You can select:

    • The garment layer to display by clicking Drop-down icon and selecting from the displayed list.

    • A list or grid view by clicking the appropriate icon List and grid view icons.

If you have a closet with many garments, the file size is likely to be large. You can reduce file size by Deleting Garments from the Closet.

Closet and Garment Layer

The Garment Layer you select for a garment determines in which part of the Closet drop-down it displays. For example, if you select Shirt, the garment displays when you select Shirt as the Garment Layer in the Closet.

To specify the Garment Layer:

  1. Open the garment in Lotta.

  2. On the Main Menu, click Garment, then Garment Layer. A list of the available layers is displayed.

  3. Click the appropriate Garment Layer. You can always change the layer by repeating this procedure.

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