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Artwork and Colorways

Artwork and Colorways

If you have artwork on a garment, when you clone the colorway the artwork is dynamically linked. This means that changes to the artwork - position, size, and so on - in one colorway, are automatically effected in the cloned colorway.

If you add artwork after a colorway has been cloned, the artwork is unique to the new colorway.

You can clear the link if you want the artwork changes to be unique to the colorway you are working in.


Editing Artwork and Colorway Links

To edit the link between artwork and different colorways:

  1. In the 2D or 3D window, click an artwork.

  2. In the Context view, at the top, click Click the drop-down.

    Colorways drop-down

    The available colorways are displayed.

    Available colorway

    The check marks indicate which colorways have this artwork dynamically linked.

    Make Unique is not displayed in the menu if only one colorway is selected.
  3. Click to clear the selection of a colorway. If you clear the selection of a colorway, the artwork no longer displays in that colorway. If you select a colorway, the artwork does appear and is dynamically linked to that colorway.

    1. Click Make Unique to make the artwork unique to the current colorway.

    2. Click Select All to make the artwork display in all colorways.

    The following image shows the user clicking to select the Pink-New colorway.

    Selecting the Pink-New colorway

    The following image shows the user clicking to clear the selection of the Pink-New colorway

    Clearing the selection of the Pink-New colorway

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