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Pen Tool Options

Pen Tool Options

The available pen tool options display on the Horizontal contextual menu.

2020 May Edition and Newer

Pen tool options

2019 August Edition and 2020 January Edition

Pen tool options

The options are described in the following table.

Option Description

Edit Points

Enable to allow you to edit points on a line.


Enable to draw a line in a piece with symmetry, when you want the line to be duplicated according to the symmetry of the piece. You can only enable this option if the piece being drawn on has symmetry. If Symmetry is enabled, Cross is automatically disabled.

For example, the left and right sides of the piece shown in the following image are symmetrical. If you enable symmetry, when you draw a line on one side of the piece, it is automatically duplicated on the other side.

Left and right sides are symmetrical:

Left and right sides are symmetrical

Line drawn on one side with symmetry enabled:

Drawing one line with symmetry enabled

Line drawn on one side with symmetry disabled:

Drawing one line with symmetry disabled


Enable to allow you to draw a line in the 3D window from one piece to another piece to which it is stitched. For example, you might use this option to draw a line that loops round from the front to the back of the garment and back to the front again. If Cross is enabled, Symmetry is automatically disabled.

Cut Mark

Enable to make the line a cut line. Note: The default setting for the pen tool is to have Cut Mark selected. For more information, refer to Cut Mark Setting.

Snap to

Select which of the options you want the tool to snap to: Point, Edge, Center, Grid, and Guideline.

Snap to Guideline is available in 2020 May Edition and newer.

Snap to Center is available in 2019 August Edition and newer. This feature makes it easy to draw a line to or from the center of an edge or another line.

To draw a line from the center of a line or edge:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Pen.

  2. On the Horizontal contextual menu, at the Snap to part, ensure Center is selected.

    Ensure Center is selected

  3. Go to the 2D window, and hover your mouse over the edge or line where you want to start drawing the line. As you hover over the center, crosshairs are displayed.

  4. Click on the crosshairs to start drawing the line, and continue as normal.


  • The center point on an edge is measured from the two corner points. Intermediate points are ignored.

  • The center point on a line is measured from the two end points of the line.

  • Keyboard shortcut to toggle Center is:

    • (Windows) Ctrl+Shift+;

    • (Mac) Command+Shift+;


Enable to use magnetic trace. For more information, refer to Pen Tool Magnetic Trace.

Puffy has been relocated to the Context view. Fill and Stroke have been removed.


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