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Linking in Colorways

Linking in Colorways

This feature allows you to configure an artwork or piece assignable trim so that whatever changes you make to that item in one colorway, are automatically replicated in all other colorways in which the item is included. For example, if you link an item of artwork, and then edit the artwork in one colorway, the same edit is automatically replicated in other colorways including that linked artwork.

Linking is enabled for artwork and piece assignable trims that have the same dimensions.

In addition to linking that you specify, certain actions automatically link materials.

  • When you click on a material thumbnail that is linked, a chain icon is displayed in the material thumbnail and in every material in every other colorway to which it is linked.

    Chain icon on linked material

  • Materials are automatically unlinked if you edit a material’s properties.

Automatic Linking

Automatic linking occurs in all of the following cases:

  • Cloning a colorway. Linked materials in the original colorway are also linked in the cloned version of the colorway.

  • Dragging a material on top of another linked material.

  • Dragging a linked material to an empty space.

Manual Linking

You can manually link (and unlink) artwork or piece assignable trim.

To manually link or unlink:

  1. In the Colorways workspace, click the artwork or piece assignable trim.

  2. Go to the Context view, and click Link Materials or Unlink Materials as required.

For more information, refer to Context View.


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