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Unified 3D Material (U3M) is an open source file format for materials, developed by Browzwear and Vizoo, including physical properties data and texture image maps in a single file.

The file format includes:

  • Textures folder

  • U3M core file

  • physics.json file - calculated physics data from the FAB

  • Image file

You can export all materials in the U3M file format. When doing so, a Unified 3D Material Archived (U3MA) file is created: a compressed (zipped) file containing all the parts of the U3M format.

The software also supports exporting a U3M folder (the *.u3m option). This feature allows you to export the materials in a file in a folder structure, giving you easier access to the textures and the preview image. Essentially, this option means the files are not compressed and are individually available.

Support for Importing and Exporting U3M

2020 May Edition (2020.2.1 Build 51188) added support for U3M version 1.1.

  • Import of U3M 1.0 is supported by 2019 April Edition and newer

  • Import of U3M 1.1 is supported by 2020 May Edition (2020.2.1 Build 51188) and newer

  • Export of materials as U3M is done in version 1.0 if using 2020 May Edition 2020.2.0 and older

  • Export of materials as U3M is done in version 1.1 if using 2020 May Edition 2020.2.1 Build 51188 and newer

PBR and Phong Shading

U3M supports PBR. U3M does not support Phong shading.

If existing materials using Phong shading are exported as U3M:

  • Only existing maps - diffuse, specular, and normal - are included

  • The PBR environment interprets the maps so as to keep the same appearance as before


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