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Warnings While Dressing

Warnings While Dressing

At certain times while dressing a garment you may see warning signs. The following table shows the signs and explains their meaning.

Sign Description

Prepare warning

This sign may display in the following situations:

  • 3D styling is done using Hold, Flatten, or Retouch

  • On the 3D styling toolbar, Gravity is disabled

  • Stitches are removed

The warning is to tell you that you have made an edit which may affect the simulation. To preserve the changes, do not enter Prepare mode.

If you click Prepare while this warning is displayed, the following is displayed:

Prepare warning

Dress warning

2021.1 and older

This sign may display if you click Finish too soon. The warning is to tell you that the software needs to run a minimum number of iterations for the simulation to be realistic, and that minimum has not been reached.

To fix this, click Dress and wait longer than previously before clicking Finish.

Note: If you click the warning sign, the following is displayed:

Draping warning


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