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Changing Material Type

When designing, you might need to change the category of imported artwork to trim, or the other way around, so that the material is correctly listed when you create a tech pack.

You can now change multiple material types by copying the original material to another location, as detailed in the following table. The material you copy is unaffected.




  • Seam

  • Edge Assignable Trim

  • Piece Assignable Trim


  • Artwork

  • Edge Assignable Trim

  • Piece Assignable Trim

Edge Assignable Trim

  • Artwork

  • Seam

  • Piece Assignable Trim

Piece Assignable Trim

  • Artwork

  • Seam

  • Edge Assignable Trim

This feature does not support changing 3D trims, smart buttons, smart zippers, or groups of materials

Changing a Material Type

To change a material type:

  1. Drag the material type you want to change.

  2. Drop the material in the location matching the type you want to change it to.

For example, to change artwork to edge assignable trim:

  1. If the Materials tab is not already open, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.


  2. On the Materials tab, drag the artwork to the Edge Assignable section in Trims.

The following image shows an example of artwork material being added to seams material.

Changing material type

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