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Jeanologia Integration - Browzwear

Jeanologia Integrations

There are two ways to integrate with Jeanologia:

Integrating Using the Jeanologia Service

2021.2 and newer

Lotta 2021.2 introduces a new Jeanologia workflow focused on using wash libraries provided by Jeanologia. The original Jeanologia workflow is still available.

To use this workflow, you must have already installed the Jeanologia service and be able to access it.

Important: This integration is only available for PC users.

For more information, expand the following:

Integrating Using the Open Platform

  • This feature is an optional extra. You must have:

    • Browzwear's Laser Finish plugin, requiring an Open Platform and a Tech Pack license. For information, contact

    • The Digital Wash application supplied by Jeanologia. For information, contact Jeanologia.

If this feature is enabled, within Lotta, you can specify a laser finish for artwork and 2D assignable trim materials, which can then be implemented using Jeanologia equipment.


To enable this feature, you must ensure your Tech Pack preferences are setup to connect to the Digital Wash processor. To connect to the processor:

  1. Note where on your computer the Digital Wash application is installed.

  2. Open the Preferences dialog box and click the Tech Pack tab. (For more information, refer to Preferences.)

  3. At Processor, click Browse. A file explorer window is opened.

  4. Navigate to the location of the Digital Wash application and select it.

  5. Click Open. The path to the application is added to your preferences.

  6. On the Preferences dialog box, click OK.

Laser Finish Effects

If this laser finish is specified:

  • The reference image contains all the textures for ease of reference.

  • The relevant artwork/trim is so specified in the output.json file.

  • Placement rulers are affected. For more information, refer to Ruler Effects.

  • Jeanologia imports the artwork or trim with laser finish and uses the transformation data in the Browzwear output.json file and a reference image.

Adding the Laser Finish

To add the laser finish:

  1. On the Resources tabs, click Materials.

  2. Click the artwork or 2D trim to which you want to add the laser finish.

  3. Go to the Context view, in the Information section.

    Information section

  4. Click Laser Finish.

    Click Laser Finish

Ruler Effects

Once material has been assigned Laser Finish, there are the following effects:

  • The material’s rulers are snapped to the center of the material’s bounding box.

  • You can move rulers that are snapped to the edges of the piece, but those that are snapped to the center of the bounding box are locked.

    • You must snap the position rulers to a specific place on the edge as a point of reference for the plugin.

    • For best results, it is recommended that you set the ruler to have the same relative location for reference points on the left side and right side for both front and back views. For example, if you set the reference point to the top corner of the right hand leg pattern piece, do the same on the left hand leg pattern piece.

  • If you clear Laser Finish, the rulers are unlocked.

  • This effect is supported in Design in Sizes - you can grade your laser finish.

  • If you share the garment with a user without the integration, locked rulers remain locked. (A user without the integration is unable to select or clear Laser Finish.)

The following steps, when expanded, show an example of ruler effects.

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