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Zipper Actions Section

Zipper Actions Section

If you select the zipper in the 2D or 3D window, the Context view displays the following Actions section.

Zipper Actions

Label Description


Displays in a square information about the edges the zipper is connected to. If the zipper is connected to one edge, only that edge is displayed.

Hover over a square and a “-” icon is displayed. Click the “-” icon to disconnect the zipper from that edge. Do one of the following:

  • In the 2D window, click on the edge you want the zipper to be connected to.

  • Press Esc to connect the zipper to only one edge.


Zipper Width - Type in the desired width.


Change how much the zipper is zipped by either dragging the zipper image, or typing the percentage in Zipped.


  • Click Direction to flip the up and down direction of the zipper.

  • Click Position to flip the side on which the puller and stopper are located.


  • Click Inside to move the zipper to the inside of the garment.

  • If the zipper is inside, click Outside to move it to the outside of the garment.

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