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BWO Viewer

BWO Viewer

BWO Viewer is a standalone application that allows anyone to view BWO files in a 3D window.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you can use it without a license dongle.

To use BWO Viewer:

  1. Run BWO Viewer. A file explorer window is displayed.

  2. Navigate to the location of the BWO file, and select it. Then click Open.

    The garment is displayed in a 3D window.

    3D window

    You can navigate around the 3D window the same way you can in VStitcher and Lotta:

    • Zoom

      To  zoom in or out, rotate the mouse wheel button. You can change how the rotation works in Preferences.

    • Change Camera View

      Use your mouse to change the camera view.

      As you move your mouse in the 3D window - except when over the garment - the cursor changes to a directional arrow. Click to move the camera as follows:

      • Camera up Up

      • Camera downDown

      • Camera leftRotate left

      • Camera right Rotate right

      • Camera up and leftUp and rotate left

      • Camera up and rightUp and rotate right

      • Camera down and leftDown and rotate left

      • Camera down and rightDown and rotate right

      The camera continues to move in the selected direction while you hold the mouse button down.

      The arrow shows the direction the camera moves, and therefore the avatar moves in the opposite direction.


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